Fair shea

School donation drive in the Shea farming community

Fair shea embarked on a donation drive in our beneficiary community in a selected school which has most children of our beneficiaries. Materials donated included mathematical sets, books, stationary and calculators.

Ms. Ana handing over donation materials to students
Distribution of writing materials to students
Handing over materials to children
Distribution of donation materials to students

Capacity building trainings for Fair shea team and beneficiaries

  1. We conducted a Circular economy training for 3 of our team members via zoom. This session was facilitated by Tobi Adegbite, the project coordinator and founder of a Nigeria-based Black soldier fly bio-technology organization called Entojutu.
  2. We participated in a Water And Sanitation Hygiene training involving 2 of our team members and the assembly woman of our beneficiary community, facilitated by Juliet Akinyi of Paromanyien, a Kenya-based organization.
  3. We conducted an Advocacy workshop in partnership with Fair for life in our beneficiary community of Malshegu in the Sagnarigu district of the Northern region.
A picture showing men from the shea farming community during advocacy workshop
Engagement with men in Malshegu during advocacy workshop
A picture of women having a discussion during advocacy workshop
Women from the shea farming community during an advocacy workshop in Malshegu in the Sagnarigu district of the Northern region