Fair shea

Value added product training

From the month of September 2022 to May 2023, 150 women shea nut pickers and shea butter producers will receive upskilling in the shea value chain. These are women who have faced abuse in their homes and communities, exploited by intermediaries/middlemen while accessing market opportunities to sell their shea butter or are unable to cater for their basic needs especially that of their children and dependents.

For years of seeing shea butter as an end resource, trained beneficiaries will now be able to further add value to their raw butter by making organic body and cosmetic products. This will significantly improve their finances and afford them opportunities to operate sustainable businesses.

The first cohort of 30 beneficiaries from Malshegu, Tamale commenced training on 1st September 2022. Participants will go through 3 months of theoretical and practical trainings in quality nut picking and butter extraction, making of organic body creams and lotions, bathing and washing soaps, hair growth shampoos, oils, face serum and cleanser, making of biodegradable packaging materials, book keeping, investment, formation of cooperative, marketing and Fair Trade.

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