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2nd vaccination exercise and health insurance for beneficiaries

Fair Shea embarked on an initiative in May 2022 to get the health of all our beneficiaries checked. This was on the back of the organization’s first sensitization meeting with the beneficiaries, chiefs and partners of our beneficiaries in January 2022 where it became known that many were struggling with unknown health issues.
Under one of our key project areas, Sanitation and Hygiene, the organization through partnerships with the Ghana Health Service and other stakeholders within the health sector, organized a medical outreach, consultation, screening and vaccination for Hepatitis B for all our beneficiaries and members of Malshegu community.

After the first exercise, many health-related conditions became known to some participants. Doctors on site offered education on how to manage and care for oneself.
With many financially unable to afford the high cost of medical treatment and care, the organization through partnership with the Health Insurance Authority is embarking on a mass health insurance registration for all our 116 beneficiaries and some members of the community in June. Participants have also used the opportunity to get their second hepatitis B vaccination and are awaiting the third and final in July.

Generally, the entire activities in May and June have been tremendously impactful as more than 200 inhabitants of Malshegu including our beneficiaries have benefitted.
Fair Shea is immensely grateful to the Ghana Health Service, Bil Clinical Laboratories, the Chief, Assembly Woman and inhabitants of Malshegu and the dedicated team of Fair Shea for making this month-long activity a success.
We are of the firm conviction that the support given us by the community thus far is indicative of greater collaborative efforts to achieve our vision.
Fair Shea has always held the belief that when women are given support and opportunities, they gain extraordinary self-confidence and this translates into national development.
Together we can all help create equal opportunities for women in every aspect of life.

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