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Quarterly Newsletter 03-2022

Dear Partners, Friends and Supporters of Fair Shea,

My name is Frank Ekow Arkorful, Founder and Director, Fair Shea. We all must admit that many economies are struggling to recover from the shocks of COVID-19. Not only is it a problem of economies. Industries, companies, NGOs and donors have all not been spared. For this reason, everyone is redefining their concepts and employing sustaining ways of staying afloat. 

At Fair Shea, we are ensuring our interventions offer sustainable solutions such that beneficiaries can think creatively and develop ideas that will offer permanent solutions to their problems. All our interventions are tailored in a coordinated and comprehensive manner guided by our vision and mission. I am therefore happy to take you on a short, interesting tour of Fair Shea’s activities during the third quarter of 2022.

I appreciate your support and partnerships in empowering and unearthing potentials within shea communities in Ghana. I wish you the very best in the 4th Quarter of 2022.

Thank you!

The aim should not be getting stuck in problems, but always thinking in solutions’’- Paul Kronenberg

Gradually we are getting there. It all started as a sensitization workshop in January 2022 for chiefs and partners of women shea farmers in Malshegu, a rural community in Northern Ghana who had for a long time faced abuse, exclusion and exploitation in their homes, communities and businesses. The short to medium term goal was to reduce the occurrence of the above listed problems while the long term vision was to eliminate them completely by creating sustainable decent opportunities.

What seemed to be an idea conceived for one community has now become an action spanning three Districts and twelve communities in Northern Ghana.

Project Communities

The organization currently operates in three districts and twelve communities in Northern Ghana. The Sagnarigu district has Malshegu community with 447 beneficiaries who are mainly shea butter producers. Savelugu Municipal District with over 800 beneficiaries who are mainly shea nut pickers in Kulmanga, Yapalsi, Duko, Kukoo, Nyoglo, Langa, Kanshegu, Zaazi and Kpulnyini communities. Nanton District has 160 beneficiaries made up of both nut pickers and butter producers in New Nanton and Nanton-kurugu communities.

Ongoing Project

Value Added Shea Butter Body And Cosmetic Products Training For 150 Women

A project funded by the kanthari Switzerland Foundation and implemented and managed by Fair Shea is currently making huge impact in the lives of 150 women shea nut pickers and shea butter producers.

Participants who have always seen raw shea butter as an end resource are now learning how to make shea butter body soaps and cosmetic product ranges using various fragrances like cinnamon, citronella, lavender, lemon grass, sandalwood powder, moringa, turmeric, citrus, almond and saffron. Also included is education in financial literacy which will significantly improve participants’ financial and investment acumen. The environment remains a priority to the organization and so beneficiaries are been trained on best practices that will reduce pollution and destruction to the environment and existing shea trees and parklands.

It is expected that after the training, beneficiaries will operate sustainable businesses, increase their incomes by five times more than they earn now through diverse streams and create many direct and indirect jobs. Children of beneficiaries will also be able to attend good schools, eat healthy meals and access good medical care.

This training is expected to be held annually in more communities for women within the shea value chain.

Stakeholder Engagements

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Dear Partners, Supporters and Friends,

Fair Shea would not be possible without your continued support. Because of you, we are able to keep Fair Shea running. On behalf of our team and beneficiaries – the women, the Fair Shea team and communities – I say THANK YOU. Wishing you a prosperous 4th Quarter 2022.

Best regards,
Frank Ekow Arkorful.


If you want to support the work of Fair Shea, you are highly welcome to do that here:
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