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On 12th November 2022, Fair Shea’s first cohort of 30 beneficiaries graduated after completing a 3 month training on acquiring new skills that will aid them to add more value to their raw shea butter. The training also engaged them on how to apply more environmentally and earth friendly practices in their operations.

These skills will provide a springboard for diversified streams of income such as making and selling different fragrances of organic soaps, creams, lotions and oils in their communities and markets in addition to their raw shea butter. Through this, they will be able to produce more, sell more and earn more.

All the trainees are victims of social issues such as marginalization, abuse in their homes and marriages and exploitation in their businesses. But to them, giving up on their dreams was simply not an option.

It is Fair Shea’s hope that, more women shea farmers in rural communities will be empowered to become independent and steer their communities to socio-economic development.

In attendance was the chief of Malshegu community Malshenaa Adam Martin Tinto, Deputy Chief Of Party for Feed the Future, Mr. Cecil Osei, The Director of Resilience and Social Inclusion, Feed the Future Mrs. Zinabu Abdulai, CEO of Asheba Company Ltd, Mrs. Aisha Fuseini, CEO of Pagsung Shea Processing Center, Mrs.Safia Alhassan, Assembly woman for Malshegu community, Ms.Bibiana Wumpini, and representatives from Zaa television

The next cohort of Beneficiaries will begin training in December 2022. For more updates on our programs and initiatives, kindly subscribe to our newsletters. Thank you for subscribing and sharing.

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